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sleepy hollow barn and plantation

Can I come visit Sleepy Hollow?

Yes! Sleepy Hollow is available for visits by appointment only. The venue is on private property so please email to schedule a visit. Visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Where do my guests park?

There are several different pods for parking around the Sleepy Hollow property. We will provide parking help and assistance. There is parking and handicap parking located close to the barn and the house for the bridal party. If you need parking for more than three handicap vehicles, please let us know so that we can hold those spots open.

Are there bathrooms?

There are three bathrooms located next to the J.C. Stribling barn – two for women and one for men.

Are candles allowed in the barn?

Yes, candles are allowed but they need to be in a container to catch the wax. Sparklers or any other open flames are not allowed.

Can I use any nails to hang up my decorations?

Any nails, tacks, or other items that will damage or penetrate the wood surface of the barn are not allowed. This is so that we can preserve the integrity of the barn.

Is there a place onsite for the bridal party to get ready?

Yes. We have a dressing room and bathrooms located in a small building next to the barn. There is also a small lounge separated from the rest of the barn by a closed door that you can use.